Welcome to the Maine Burn Permit System

This online service allows you to request an open burning permit from 9am - Midnight, 7 days a week

Who Can Use this Service?

  • Individuals seeking to burn brush piles, wood debris and agricultural burns. As of October 25, 2023, this system can also be used for recreational campfires larger than 3 feet high and more than 3 feet in diameter.

  • Permits are only valid when the daily fire danger rating is low or moderate

Who Cannot Use this Service?

  • Campfire permits for designated permit sites are NOT issued through this service. Please contact the local fire department or the MFS Regional Headquarters (M - F between 8am and 4pm).
    • Augusta 207-624-3700
    • Old Town 207-827-1800
    • Ashland 207-435-7963

What you will need

  • The physical address where the burn will occur and material being burned.
  • A printed copy of the permit, or the ability to show it on a mobile device.

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Questions about this service? Contact the Maine Forest Service at: (800) 750-9777 or email