Frequently Asked Questions (Plate Reservation)

What does the new plate design look like?

("No Tree" plate design only available for PC class code)

When will I receive my new plates?

  • If you are a Rapid Renewal customer, you will receive your plates and registration in the mail after having completed the renewal process. This affects all registrations that have an expiration of May 31, 2025 and later.
  • If your town doesn't participate in Rapid Renewal, and you reserve your existing plate number, you will be sent your plates one month prior to your expiration date.

What if my town doesn't participate in Rapid Renewal?

You will have the option to reserve your existing plate using a Standalone Reservation Process.

What if I move or my address changes after my reservation is made?

If your address changes after your reservation is submitted you may use the Standalone Reservation Portal to update your shipping address.

What if I want to cancel my reservation?

You will need to contact the BMV at

Do I need to reserve my new plate?

If you have a chickadee plate, you'll have the option to reserve your current plate number or receive a new plate number.

How much does it cost to reserve my current plate number?

If you wish to keep your existing plate number, there will be a one-time issuance fee of $25.

What if I don't want the new pine tree plate design?

  • If you have a PC class code you'll have the option to request a "No Tree" plate.
  • If you have a Chickadee plate with a class code other than PC, you may visit a town office and transition to a specialty plate design. Additional annual fee applies.

Questions about this service? Contact InforME at: (207) 621-2600 or email:

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