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Using this form you may request criminal history checks for one to ten subjects. Requests will automatically include common nickname derivatives; for example, for the name "Robert" the search will include "Bob, Bobbie, Bobby, Rob, Robby and Robbie." For those unique nicknames or names known as aliases, such as, "Buzz, Butch, Buddy, Bubba, or Smitty," these will need to be done as a separate entry and require additional payment.

Note: If you are requesting criminal history checks for a large number of subjects (20 or more subjects), you may be interested in becoming an InforME Subscriber. As an InforME Subscriber you have the ability to upload a comma separated list of subjects instead of entering them individually. Find out more by visiting the InforME website.

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If you have any questions regarding your responses, you may contact:
State Bureau of Identification (207) 624-7240 or (207) 287-3659 (TDD) or Email: