Municipality and Burn Type (Step 1)

Municipality Selection & Burn Type

Please type the name of the municipality or unorganized territory that you will conduct the burn in. After you type the first three characters of the town name, a list of participating towns will appear in a box for you to select. Important Note: You must select the town, not the county, in which the burn will occur otherwise your permit will not be valid. *Required fields.

Please note that online burn permits are only valid between 9 am and 9 am in organized towns, but there could be restrictions on the allowable burn times ´╗┐within those 24 hours.

Burn Type*
(Campfire permits cannot be requested through this service.)

Open burning at a location where the permittee is domiciled permanently or seasonally

Open burning conducted by a person, firm or corporation on a fee for service basis at any location

Open burning associated with commercial farming (i.e. blueberry fields or hayfields) less than 10 acres in size. Prescribed fire permits should be obtained locally and require a pre-approved burn plan.

Questions about this service? Contact the Maine Forest Service at: (800) 750-9777 or email

Application Progress

  • Municipality & Type
  • Applicant & Burn Information
  • Minimum Requirements
  • Confirmation