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Maine Moose Permit Data Application

Welcome to the Maine Moose Permit
Data Application for the 2023 season.

The chance drawing for moose permits was held on June 10th, 2023, and the data is now available for purchase and download.

Please check order info closely. Orders are nonrefundable and can't be changed once submitted.

This site will allow visitors to purchase a list of winners of the 2023 Maine moose permits. The data will be provided at the end of the application in a tab delimited spreadsheet that can be downloaded.

Please note that the data you purchase will not include phone numbers.

You will need the following:
  • Your Personal Information(Name, Address, Email, Phone, etc)
  • Your Credit Card Information

  • Using this online application, you can narrow your search by the following: WMD Zones Residency Hunting Season Moose Type (Bull,Antlerless)

    To print out the list:
  • Open the downloaded document (moosedata2023.txt) in your spreadsheet software.(i.e. Microsoft Excel)
  • To do this, open Excel, Go to File, then to Open.
  • Locate your document (moosedata2023.txt).
  • Finally click Open.
    (even though windows might associate this file with Notepad or another application, you need to use spread sheet software to view it)

    If you are interested in creating labels to print with this data, you can download the word document here. These labels are Avery 5160 and can be found at the nearest office supply store.

    To create printable labels:
  • Download the word document.
  • Complete this application and download your spreadsheet data (moosedata2023.txt).
  • Open the provided word document on your desktop.

  • For Word 95,97,2000
  • Click on "Tools" then click on "Mail Merge"
  • Next click on the "Merge" button
  • Finally and new "Merge" button appears, click on that then print your labels.

  • For Word XP
  • First click on for the windows default encoding (if asked)
  • Next click on the "Tools" and go to "Letters and Mailings"
  • Click on the "Mail Merge Wizard..."
  • A side bar on the right will appear
  • On the bottom of the side bar, click on the "next" button until you reach step 6.

  • For Word 2016
  • First, open your moose_labels.docx document and click "Yes" when prompted to run the SQL command
  • Next select the "Mailings" Tab and click the "Start Mail Merge" down arrow to open the dropdown menu
  • Click on the "Step-by-step Mail Merge Wizard" to open the "Mail Merge" side bar on the right
  • Click the "Select a different list..." link on step 3 of 6 in the "Mail Merge" sidebar
  • In the "Select data source" window, navigate to your moosedata2023.txt file and click "Open".
  • The Mail Merge Recipients window will appear with your records. Click "OK"
  • On the bottom of the Mail Merge side bar, click the "next" link until you reach step 6 of 6.
  • Lastly, click the "Edit Individual Labels..." link on step 6 of 6 to merge your labels to a new document.
  • Save this new document for your records.
    Questions about your Maine Moose Permit Data? E-mail Us

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